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Since 1975, Linde Advanced Material Technologies has pioneered the science, engineering, and manufacturing of materials for a wide range of industrial applications. Designed for high performance with minimal lot-to-lot variation, Linde thermal spray powders, slurries, specialty ceramics and additive manufacturing metal powders deliver engineered results.
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AM TRUFORM™ Metal Powders

Linde TRUFORM™ gas-atomized AM metal powders deliver size consistency, purity and true spherical shape.
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Coating Slurries

Linde AMT offers over 175 slurries to stand up to your corrosion, oxidation, release, wear, and insulation requirements.
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Next-Gen Specialty Ceramics

With 3,000+ formulations and a team of application engineers, you can look to Linde for specialty ceramics that fit your specific engineering applications.
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Thermal Spray Powders

To match your requirements, we make our Linde thermal spray powders in more than 500 different chemistries and 300 standard formulations.
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