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Best-in-Class Sputtering Targets

Linde AMT sputtering targets are used in a diverse range of consumer applications spanning automotive, communications (5G), cellular, cloud computing, cameras, flat panel displays, memory devices, photovoltaic cells and more. We have unparalleled expertise in manufacturing sputter targets using powder metallurgy and casting. We can also meet unique needs with our customization capabilities and a dedicated model shop to move specialized target designs from prototype to full-scale operation. Our innovation in sputtering targets has resulted in practical improvements, including:

  • Reduced in-film particle generation
  • Increased sputter life
  • Improved Rs uniformity
  • Consistent sputter performance across target lifetime
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Overview of Sputtering and Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD)

In sputtering, a solid material is bombarded by energetic particles of plasma or gas, causing microscopic particles to eject from the material’s surface. Those particles are then applied as thin films and coatings onto electronic components, such as silicon wafers, through physical vapor deposition (PVD). PVD describes various vacuum deposition processes characterized by the material going from a condensed phase to a vapor phase and then back to a thin film condensed phase. The most common PVD processes are sputtering and evaporation.

Product Selection


Purity Value
Tantalum >99.9998% (5N8) Diverse Supply Chain, Excellent control of microstructure
Copper (& Alloys)


Vertical Integration (Refining & Melting), Tight control of homogeneity in Mn composition, grain size microstructure
Aluminum (& Alloys) 99.999% (5N) Vertical Integration, Best-in-class control of chemistry
Tungsten (& Alloys) 

(4N5, 5N)

In-house Process, Homogeneous Microstructure
 Titanium  >99.999% (5N) Consistent process flow offering stable performance through target lifetime at leading semiconductor fabs
 Nickel & Alloys  >99.99% (4N) Multiple supply options ensuring consistent product quality

Linde AMT also offers Precious Metals (PM) sputtering targets, with multiple purchasing options that offer dramatic reductions in customers spend on PM transaction and metal adder fees. Contact us for more details.

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