Diffuse your operational issues

To protect high-temperature parts from corrosion and oxidation, we produce a protective barrier by diffusing a metal such as aluminum or chromium into the base metal, which forms a new alloy surface. Typical applications include low- and high-pressure turbine airfoils and marine and industrial gas turbines. 

Diffused Slurry -

Our SermaLoy® slurry-applied aluminide-diffusion coatings are designed to protect gas turbine hot section components and industrial components from hot corrosion. Applied to the component surface and then diffused, these coatings adhere tightly to the part surface. SermaLoy® J coating and its chrome-free version, SermaLoy® J CF, resist both low- and high-temperature hot corrosion and oxidation in marine and industrial gas turbines.

Pack Diffusion -

Vapor Phase Diffusion -