Creating a protective layer

Our modern tank plating facilities provide a high degree of control in electrodeposition of chrome, nickel and silver, resulting in platings for your most critical parts that resist adhesive wear, abrasion, corrosion and oxidation. Unlike thermal spray, our plating processes are non-line-of-sight and can coat any area of your component.

Our patented Tribomet™ electrodeposition process co-deposits particulate material on the substrate in a highly controlled manner. The process uses automated plating tanks, programmed with time and operational sequences, to provide more precise thickness control, excellent metallurgical bonding and low porosity.

The process consumes less than 3% of the energy that traditional thermal spray methods use for coatings of similar composition and performance, with no overspray. It also allows us to produce abrasive coatings on even the most complex forms, such as labyrinth seals.

Tribomet plating features:

  • Automated, non-line-of-sight process

  • Suited for complex geometries

  • Produces dense and non-porous coatings

  • Appropriate for high- and low-volume quantities

  • Available formulations include abrasive, MCrAlY and wear-control coatings

Common applications:

  • Used to cut a machined gas path seal and prevent generation of thermally induced cracking due to friction in the rotating parts of a gas turbine engine

  • Used as a bond coat for thermal barrier coatings (TBCs) to protect gas turbine components against hot gas corrosion

  • Used on compressor components, labyrinth seals and turbine tips in the automotive, aviation, power generation and marine industries