Slurries and Fluoropolymers

Slurries and Fluoropolymers

Bake in the protection

We can apply a wide range of coatings bonded to the substrate. Because the process is relatively gentle, our slurry coatings can be used on any surface capable of withstanding the thermal cycle needed to cure them—from metals to ceramics to glass. The only limit is the size of the part and its ability to fit in the oven to be cured.

Our fluoropolymers demonstrate better chemical resistance in many applications and are less expensive than corrosion-resistant metals. They exhibit excellent chemical resistance in temperatures up to 500°F (260°C) and offer performance improvements with respect to coefficient of friction, wettability and nonstick properties. Common industries that require fluoropolymers are chemical, microelectronic, oil and gas, and pharmaceutical processing industries. 

See the different slurry and fluoropolymer processes we offer below.

Blue Armor® Fluoropolymer Coating System -

SermAlcote® Diffused Aluminide Coating -

A superior alternative to many industrial pack and vapor-phase aluminizing processes, our SermAlcote® process forms a uniform, oxidation-resistant, diffused aluminide on nickel alloys. This dip-applied slurry can help you meet common commercial process specifications for aluminide coatings, platinum-modified aluminide coatings and over-aluminized MCrAlY coatings that resist high-temperature oxidation.

Typical applications include gas turbine hot section components.

SermAlcote Diffused Slurry Aluminide Coating (1.14 MB)

SermaGard® Composite Coatings -

SermaLon™ Multilayer Coatings -

SermaLoy® Diffusion Coatings -

SermaShieldTM Fluoropolymer Coating Family -

SermeTel® Inorganic Coatings -

Nonstick Coatings -