Plasma Spray Coating Services

Plasma Spray Coating Services

Plasma Spray Coating Services

Plasma-sprayed coatings, invented by Praxair Surface Technologies, are created by heating and accelerating powder material in a high-temperature plasma stream and projecting it against the surface. Standard production coatings include pure metals, metallic alloys such as nickel or nickel-chrome-aluminum, oxides such as alumina or yttria stabilized zirconia and cermets. Thermal spray plasma coatings are used to improve wear resistance, corrosion resistance and thermal insulation. Plasma spray coating is typically used in the aerospace industry, biomedical industry and on household items to improve functionality and extend overall lifespan. 

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Low-Pressure Plasma Spray (LPPS)

LPPS is plasma spraying under low-pressure conditions. This thermal spray coating offers all the advantages of plasma spray coatings while also delivering the inert environment to produce very dense thermal spray coatings with ultra-low oxide content.

Shrouded Plasma Spray

Mixing the plasma stream with surrounding air causes oxidation of metallic powders during the spraying and coating process. Our proprietary shrouded plasma spray technology provides an inert atmosphere surrounding the plasma jet allowing us to produce low oxide content in metallic coatings equivalent to LPPS.

Suspension Plasma Spray

A modified version of air plasma spray, SPS utilizes liquid suspension of particles in place of dry powder feedstock. Suspensions allow for the feeding of finer particle sizes (nanometer scale) that are virtually impossible to flow in dry powder form. The ultra-fine particle size allows for the creation of unique thermal spray coating microstructures such as dense, dense columnar, porous and porous columnar structures. Typical applications are in the aviation industry.

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