Coatings by composition

Coatings for any operation

We’ve spent more than 50 years developing coatings that address the challenges you face every day. No matter your industry, application or location, we have the right coating to meet your needs. And if we don’t, we’ll develop it.

Explore our coating families below to see some of our proprietary formulas and how they can benefit your business. 

Carbide/Cermet -

Cermet/Carbide Coating


Bimetallic carbides

Wear, corrosion and oxidation resistance

Chromium carbide

Protection from elevated temperature wear

Tungsten carbide

Wear and some corrosion resistance

CoreGard™ coatings

Hard, wear-resistant inner diameter protection

Ceramic -

Ceramic-Metallic (Cermet) -

Cermet/Diffusion -

Fluoropolymer -

Metal/Alloy -

Metal/Diffusion -

Metal/MCrAIY -

Polymer -