Manufactured Components

Made just for you

We don’t just coat your new and worn components, we also engineer, manufacture and manage the supply of a wide range of finished components designed to meet your specifications for dimension, shape, surface and protection. See the long-life components we offer below and find out how they can help you get more from your business. 

Try our line of wear-resistant nonstick bakeware pans and trays designed specifically for loaves, buns, sweets and baguettes.

Our hard-coated slitter and tow cutter blades stay sharper longer to improve your productivity and limit expensive changeout costs.

Our guide, hydraulic, choke and kill, and other connector pins are manufactured specifically to your standards and made to fit your operations perfectly.

Our shifting forks and synchronizer rings are helping the automotive and transportation industries run smoother than ever.

We offer turnkey and partial work scope manufacturing of hydraulic piston rods and riser tensioner rods that are laser clad to maximize performance and service life.

From metal production to printing and paper, we engineer a wide variety of rolls and sleeves designed to fit your unique operations.

Our ultra-durable line of critical oil, gas and petrochemical components is built to perform in even the harshest environments.

Available in a wide range of sizes and coatings, our vessels deliver optimal corrosion protection against aggressive chemistries.