Rods and Cylinders

Rods and Cylinders

Clad with superior protection

We produce new, ready-to-assemble hydraulic cylinders and tensioner rods for the most demanding oil, gas and petrochemical applications. And to ensure maximum performance under harsh conditions, we laser clad each cylinder and rod with the alloy that best suits your operational environment and requirements.

Laser cladding’s metallurgical bond, consistent chemistry and ductility resist corrosion in areas where thermal spray coatings and chrome plating cannot. The process extends the life of your hydraulic cylinders and rods before they go into service and reduces maintenance, repair and replacement costs in the future.

To maximize the performance of your hydraulic cylinders and rods, we offer the following turnkey services:

  • Material procurement
  • Raw material heat treatment and testing
  • Rough machining
  • Laser and hot wire TIG overlay/inlay
  • Final machining
  • Final inspection and testing to your specifications

Currently, hydraulic cylinder and rod manufacturing is available through our laser facility in New Castle, Pennsylvania.