Furnace Rolls

Furnace Rolls

Putting it all on the line

When it comes to your furnace rolls, the last thing you need are pickup issues due to excessive iron fines, residual caustic, or thin oxide films; or scratch issues due to slippage or roll shape (profile) loss. Not only do these problems affect your quality and delivery of your product to your customers, they also reduce your production output.

The production of conventional, stainless, electrical, and advanced high strength steels (AHSS) requires a specific coating chemistry to prevent pickup issues. We work with our customers daily to specify the correct coating from our below portfolio for best performance and life.

  • LC-1C, LC-117, LC-137, SKL-11
  • LCO-17, LCO-56. LCO-56S, LCO-57, LCO-71, SKL-33M
  • DPC-74, DNC-3780, SKL-100S, SDG 2302A

At Praxair Surface Technologies, we help you optimize your production line with our turnkey service to supply coated furnace rolls for your annealing and hot-dip coating lines. Manufactured to your specifications, our rolls are coated with carbide, ceramic and cermet thermal spray coatings to protect against abrasion, pickup and loss of surface roughness and profile.

High Quality Steel Strip and Sheet (427 KB)