Full Service Offerings

Full Service Offerings

Support from start to finish

Not only do we supply you with the most technologically advanced coating materials and application processes, we also offer a wide range of full service offerings. From surface preparation to post-coating operations, we help you get the most performance out of your surface coatings. And with more than 35 facilities in 11 countries worldwide, we can deliver consistent results.

Blasting -

This is a critical step in preparing your component’s surface to accept a coating. Blasting cleans and roughens the surface, breaking up oxide scales and exposing fresh substrate to maximize adhesion. We offer aluminum oxide abrasive and grit blasting services.

Brazing -

Cleaning -

Finishing & Machining -

Heat Treating -

Inspection & Testing -

Peening -

Sealing -

Stress Relief -

Stripping -

Welding -