Acoustical Enclosures

Acoustical Enclosures

More room for your operations

Acoustical EnclosuresContain dust and noise produced by your thermal spray operations with our line of lightweight and durable acoustical spray enclosures.

Our steel enclosures are modularly designed, require minimal assembly and allow for easy relocation—making them more economical and effective than traditional concrete enclosures. Our standard rooms offer ceiling heights of 8 to 10 ft., are supplied with wall panels in a variety of sizes and come complete with floor channels, stiffeners and joiners. We offer both standard and custom rooms, so whatever your operational need we have an acoustical enclosure to meet it.

Our acoustical enclosures feature:

  • 30" x 42" viewing window 

  • 82" x 84" double-leaf access door 

  • Galvanized steel construction 

  • Inlet silencers (up to 8000 CFM included) 

  • Standard factory beige paint, custom colors available 

  • UV 10 roll-down shade