Spare Parts

Spare Parts

Maximize equipment uptime

As the world's premier manufacturer of arc spray, plasma spray and HVOF systems, we offer a complete line of thermal spray parts crafted with the most advanced technology and precision workmanship. We also maintain a large inventory of the most critical parts to help keep your equipment running, your systems producing and your operations making money. 

TAFA Replacement Parts Brochure (900KB)

Genie Products Replacement Parts Brochure (4.9MB)

Original equipment components for our TAFA spray systems are designed and manufactured to precise tolerances, and our tips, barrels, nozzles, anodes, cathodes and other critical components maximize equipment up-time. Utilizing the most advanced CNC machining technology and a practical understanding of the importance of careful workmanship, our spares outperform the competition.

Genie precision replacement parts, torch assemblies, hoses, cables and other consumables for the thermal spray industry are manufactured to the most exacting standards to ensure consistent quality to keep your thermal spray operation spraying.