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TAFA Arc Spray

Quality runs in the family

We know that each of your operations offers a unique set of challenges. To help you overcome them, we offer a complete line of TAFA® arc spray systems that are engineered to maximize simplicity, durability and repeatability regardless of your coating application. See our family of arc spray models below.

TAFA® Arc Spray Brochure (616KB)

TAFA Model 8830MHU / 8835MHU -

Model 8830MHU Arc Spray SystemThe TAFA Models 8830MHU and 8835MHU puller arc spray systems are proven performers, consistently delivering high-quality coatings with minimal operator adjustment. They’re designed to optimize particle atomization and spray pattern distribution, ensuring optimal coating repeatability. Both models offer high deposition efficiency and produce good bond strength, uniform microstructure and excellent machining properties.

Model 8830MHU and 8835MHU features:

  • CE compliant
  • Electric (Model 8835) or air motor (Model 8830) drive
  • Handheld (Model 8830) or machine mountable (Model 8835)
  • Multiple spray patterns
  • Precise feed wire positioning
  • Readily interfaced with automated systems (Model 8835)
  • Robust design
  • Simple parameter adjustment

Optional enhancements include ArcJet® attachment, angled and straight-ahead extensions, remote reel holders, and a variety of drive rolls and tip configurations.

TAFA Model 9910i -

TAFA Model 9935 -

TAFA Model 9985 -

TAFA Model BP-400 -