Quality coatings start with high-quality materials

We offer a wide range of materials engineered for today’s most demanding markets. From powders for additive manufacturing and thermal spray to slurries to wires and more, each of our materials is designed to enhance the life and performance of your most critical components. See the difference our materials can make.  

Our spherical free-flowing and fully dense gas atomized metal powders are engineered and customized to help you meet the mechanical, performance and surface specifications your 3D printing processes demand.

Where corrosion, oxidation, wear, insulation or release properties are a concern, our coating slurries can provide the optimal solution. Learn more about our more than 175 active slurry compositions in the form of inorganic primers, sealers, dry film lubricants, cements and more.

We offer electronic-grade ceramic oxide powders in more than 2,000 different formulations and will work directly with you to find the one that best meets your requirements.

With hundreds of standard powders available and unmatched customization experience, we have a thermal spray powder to meet almost any operational need.

We manufacture the highest-quality wires for your thermal spray processes. Available in a wide range of chemistries, our traditional metal and complex cored wires are designed for your most demanding wear applications.