Specialty Ceramics

specialty ceramics

Optimizing performance is our specialty

We offer a wide range of specialty ceramics for a diverse group of applications, markets and industries. We manufacture our electronic-grade ceramic oxide powders and shapes with our advanced Combustion Spray Pyrolysis (CSP) process to overcome many of the drawbacks of traditional powder processing. And we have created more than 3,000 different formulations to meet even your most exacting operational need. So no matter your requirements, our application engineers are available to help you find the most productive and cost-effective option.

In addition to the powders, shapes and targets offered below, we can toll process your materials to meet your application needs. Our toll processing capabilities include blending, dicing, ID slicing, Iso-pressing, lapping, milling, pelletization and spray granulation.

Our high-purity dielectric, electroding, ferroelectric and piezoelectric compositions are offered in target, substrate and powder form and allow for use of most metals for the homogeneous distribution of dopants.

Our metallic oxide materials are recognized globally for their ability to help you meet two important operational goals: improving productivity and advancing your process.

We manufacture a complete line of multi-component oxide powders that serve the fuel cell industry in the development of distributed and mobile power generation.

With our advanced CSP ceramic powder manufacturing process, we produce superconductor materials with complex crystal structures and purities of 99.9% to 99.999% to meet any operational need.

We offer a full line of high-purity metallic oxide sputtering and laser ablation targets processed from single- and multi-component oxide powders and can work directly with you to customize any target for your process.