Wired for optimal performance

Without the right coating material, even the highest-quality spray equipment can deliver low-quality coatings. That’s why we engineer and manufacture a wide variety of TAFA® wires—from traditional metal and metal alloy to complex cored wire compositions—for all of your arc spray applications. 

Our wires are tested and analyzed to make sure they offer the proper tensile strength, hardness and surface finish properties for thermal spraying. We also offer several sizes of level-layer wound spools and large dispensing containers for high-volume applications.

TAFA® wire brochure (277KB)

We offer a wide variety of pure metal and metal alloy wires, including nickel-, iron-, aluminum-, copper- and zinc-based wires and specialty wires such as titanium, molybdenum and indium.

Cored wires allow the use of materials and compositions that can’t be drawn into wire form. Because of this technology, arc spray can be used for demanding wear applications and with engineered composites, including carbides in metallic matrix and high-temperature materials like MCrAIYs.