Born from innovation

For more than 100 years, the site of the Praxair Surface Technologies global headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, has been the developing ground for some of the greatest industrial innovations. See how far we’ve come.

The Early 1900s—More tradition

We don’t just date back to the beginning—we were the beginning. The Concentrated Acetylene Company (later known as Prest-O-Lite) was formed in 1904 and built a factory in Indianapolis in 1912, focusing on creating headlights for the world’s first automobiles. Our work with acetylene would one day lead to the discovery of today’s surface coating technologies.

The '40s, '50s & '60s—More exclusive innovations

Explorations into acetylene detonations led to the discovery of a new detonation process. Techniques developed from this breakthrough formed the foundation of the modern thermal spray industry and to D-Gun and Super D-Gun™ coatings. Other innovations included our exclusive and revolutionary plasma coating technique and the development of high-velocity oxy fuel (HVOF).

The '70s, '80s & '90s — More global expansion and industry recognition

Our global capabilities expanded as we developed our unique quality control process, which ensures uniformity and repeatability regardless of the component or continent. Praxair Surface Technologies became the industry’s first vertically integrated operation, with full control of resources spanning raw materials, gases, powders and equipment. ASM International recognized our Indianapolis laboratories as a historical landmark.

The 21st Century—More advances

We expanded our product and service offerings by acquiring SermeTel, SermaLoy, SermaGard®, SermAlcote®, SermaLon and other high-performance slurries.

Our newest advances—like suspension plasma spray and next-generation coatings and powders—provide greater safety, durability and efficiency to many industries, including oil and gas exploration, alternative energies, aviation and industrial power generation.

Our legacy of innovation continues as we experiment with advanced additive manufacturing powders, environmentally sustainable coatings and other products, and innovative new processes, such as rapid prototyping technologies and advanced application methods. Our commitment to constant improvement will keep Praxair Surface Technologies on the leading edge of the industry for decades to come.