Employee Safety

Employee Safety

Reaching our fullest, safest potential

We strive to maintain a workplace free of accidents, incidents and injuries—enabling each of our employees to reach his or her fullest potential. 

Zero accidents, zero injuries

It is our goal every day to be incident free across our global operations. Every quarter approximately 80% of our sites around the world achieve that goal. We continue to improve that number and our overall safety performance through our rigorous Operational Discipline program, which mandates constant compliance with safe work procedures. 

Our employee safety principles:

  • All incidents and injuries are preventable
  • Health, Safety and Environment is a line management accountability
  • We are responsible for our own safety and that of others around us
  • Our employees and contractors are obliged to stop a job, or refuse to perform it, if it cannot be performed safely
  • All Health, Safety and Environment incidents must be reported, and learnings taken from them
  • Our commitment to, and efforts in, safety will yield results
  • Acting safely is a condition of our employment and supplier contracts

Life-Saving Rules

  • Driving and Vehicles: We will operate our vehicles safely and responsibly at all times and use the safety equipment provided.
  • Permit to Work: We will use the Permit to Work/Hazardous Work Permit System where necessary to ensure hazards and risks are understood and controlled.
  • Lock-Out/Tag-Out (LOTO): We will use LOTO to verify energy/equipment isolation when servicing or maintaining equipment.
  • Hazardous Atmospheres: We will be aware of the potential for hazardous atmospheres and take the appropriate actions to detect, mitigate and eliminate atmospheric hazards at all times.
  • Elevated Work Activities: We will work at height only when the required safety measures to prevent falls are in place and we will ensure lifting operations are carried out safely.
  • Contractor Management: We will select and monitor our contractors to ensure they meet Linde safety requirements.
  • Management of Change (MoC): We will implement changes to plant/equipment and work processes only when a MoC process addressing the safety risks has been completed.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): We will wear properly selected, maintained and task/hazard specific PPE at all times when required.
  • Safety Equipment and Devices: We will maintain the integrity of safety equipment and devices and never modify, impair or override them unless properly reviewed and authorized through MoC or Permit to Work.