Customer Success Stories

Customer Success Stories

Real people, real challenges, real solutions

See how we work with our partners to understand their unique challenges and deliver the solutions that work best for them.

Oil & Gas

A competitor's coating was failing the PR2 Annex F testing, so a customer partnered with PST to apply a proven tungsten carbide coating using our proprietary D-Gun application process on their gates and seats.

An open and shut solution

Metal Production

PST replaced a competitor's coating on furnace rolls used to transport steel strip through an annealing furnace in a galvanizing line. Our coating can withstand the extreme temperatures the rolls are exposed to while resisting pickup from various oxides.

Eliminating Pickup: Hearth rolls in AHSS production


We worked with aviation OEMs around the world to migrate special  surface technology processes to locations close to overhaul and component repair shops to reduce downtime.

Less downtime. More sky-time.

Oil & Gas

Our ExoProTM coating replaced hard chrome plating on a mud motor rotor, resulting in an improved life at an economical cost. Our solution provided the necessary protection to resist corrosion and wear, increasing the life from 1-2 runs to 3-4 runs.

From Chrome to ExoProTM (446 KB)


Praxair Surface Technologies provided an HVOF coating solution for train axles that were wearing out. This coating offered lower thickness, better adhesion, lower porosity and a better surface finish compared to traditional repair with a wire deposition arc spray method.

Saved from the Scrap Heap (390 KB)

Power Generation for Oil & Gas Production

Find out how coating the rotor and aerodynamic bundle with a SermaLon™ fouling-resistant coating hindered deposition of corrosive products, reduced surface roughness and improved efficiency for Nippon Oil Exploration.

SermaLon™ Coatings Deliver More Offshore (245 KB)

Oil & Gas

Find out how SermaGard® coatings are protecting tension leg platforms from the corrosive effects of seawater on Moho Nord in the Republic of Congo.

Putting an Oil Investment in Deep Water (290 KB)


Tungsten carbide coatings from Praxair Surface Technologies can improve scratch resistance over chrome plating and more than triple the service life of calender rolls used in plastics processing.

Put Tungsten Carbide on the Calender (414 KB)

Power Generation

Solid particle erosion can be a big problem for coal-powered, steam-driven generators. You can protect parts in the steam path by having a protective chromium carbide coating applied to airfoil surfaces.

Make Your Profile Count ... and Save (219 KB)