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Thermal Spray Equipment & Consumables

We work directly with you to understand your operational requirements and select the best TAFA-brand thermal spray systems, powder feeders, acoustical enclosures and more that will help you reach your goals.

SermeTel Coating Process in the Power...

We can apply a wide range of slurry coatings bonded to the substrate to provide protection to critical components in the power generation industry.

Synchronizer Rings Being Coated by Wire...

Wire arc spray is used in a variety of situations from high-volume, low-cost applications to high-quality coatings as an alternative to plasma spray. Here you'll see synchronizer rings used in the automotive industry being coated with automated...

EBPVD Coating Process

Our EBPVD technology allows us to create high-performing thermal barrier coatings (TBCs) with fine columnar microstructures that are super tolerant to lateral strain.

How Praxair Services the Additive...

Praxair brings together high-purity atmospheric gases including argon and nitrogen with fine, spherical metal powders to meet the needs of additive manufacturing processes like no other supplier.

PST Safety Culture

Safety is a core value at PST.

Cold Spray Coating Process

Our proprietary LOXPlate™ cold spray process produces high-density low-oxygen coatings at high deposition rates and is ideally suited for restoring your worn components.

How Metal 3D Printing Works

Leading producer of metal powders for additive manufacturing, Praxair Surface Technologies, shows you how 3D metal printing works. Layer by layer. From design to modeling to printing in plastic and metal to validating the final printed product.

Oil Gas Capabilities

Advanced protective coatings that help increase productivity, improve uptime, and reduce replacement and maintenance costs.

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