Pharmaceutical Processing Equipment

Pharmaceutical Processing Equipment

The ultimate cure for sticking and wear

You demand a lot from your pharmaceutical equipment. It needs to perform under extreme temperatures, release a wide range of different substances easily, offer simplified cleanup, have nonconductive properties and be chemical resistant. We’ve developed our Blue Armor®, SermaShield™ and SermaShield™ Magna coatings to help your processing equipment do all that and more.

Our nonstick, abrasion-resistant SermaShield™ Magna coatings have been proven to outperform, outwear and outlast conventional nonstick coatings. The secret is in our proprietary intermediate layer that sits just below the top surface to provide unparalleled protection against wear.

So, if you’re looking for nonstick protection that can perform at high temperatures, look no further than SermaShield™ coatings.

SermaShield™ Magna Coatings (962 KB)