Reciprocating Compressor Plungers & Piston Rods

Reciprocating Compressor Plungers & Piston Rods

Extend the life of your most critical parts

We know how critical the uptime and efficiency of your reciprocating compressors are to your process. That’s why we’ve developed a line of carbide and ceramic coatings that combat wear in the packing seal areas of plunger and piston rods. Whether the wear is due to a corrosive environment, wet and dry particle abrasion, high pressures, high-friction temperature excursions or inadequate lubrication, we have a coating that solves your unique challenge.

We use our proprietary detonation gun (D-Gun) thermal spray process for the most demanding applications to apply a corrosion-resistant, extreme temperature-tolerant coating to the packing seal area of the rod or plunger. During the application process, base metal temperatures are kept below 300°F / 149°C to protect the metallurgical properties of the parts. For less demanding applications, our full portfolio of high-velocity oxy fuel (HVOF) and plasma coatings are available.

Our coatings can be used to repair worn components and extend the life of new parts. In the case of worn components, depending on the operating environment and pressures, we can restore plungers and piston rods to their original dimensions to provide significantly improved performance.

Our carbide, ceramic and metallic coatings not only extend the wear life of both new and restored plunger and piston rods, they also are cost effective, minimize downtime and maximize productivity. Contact us to learn more.

Wear-Resistant Overlays for Pumps and Compressors (174 KB)