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Preventing attack from every angle

Aggressive chemical attack can lead to lost production. Adhesion issues can increase processing times. Leaching of metals and other materials can contaminate and compromise your product.

At Praxair Surface Technologies, we are well aware of the critical challenges you face every day to protect your large, complex containment vessels and related piping systems. That’s why we’ve developed a full line of industry-leading fluoropolymer linings and coatings, application methods and services to help safeguard your most critical parts and products.

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specialized solutions for the chemical & pharmaceutical industry

Chemical Processing Equipment

Decrease equipment downtime due to failed components with our industry-leading fluoropolymer coatings that protect against corrosion in aggressive chemical and elevated-temperature environments and minimize solid-particle impact. We offer ECTFE-, ETFE-, FEP-, PFA-, anti-static- and food contact-compliant fluoropolymers.

Coatings for Chemical Processing Equipment

Pharmaceutical Processing Equipment

Get the most out of your pharmaceutical processing equipment with our unmatched line of nonstick, abrasion-resistant coatings.

Pharmaceutical Coatings

Reciprocating Compressor Plungers & Piston Rods

We offer a wide range of tungsten carbide coatings to extend the life of your compressor plungers and piston rods by combating accelerated wear in packing seal areas.

Coatings for Reciprocating Compressor

Coating Services for the chemical & pharmaceutical industry

Blue Armor Coatings for Chemical Industry

Blue Armor® Coatings

A reliable alternative to glass linings and exotic alloys, Blue Armor® coatings are an affordable way to handle harsh chemicals and enhance the life of your processing equipment. Our seamless ECTFE-fluoropolymer coating system offers protection from abrasion and thermal shock. And the stable molecular structure and low porosity of our Blue Armor coatings make them an outstanding corrosion barrier for complex components and processing vessels.

Blue Armor® Coatings (1.4MB)

Fluoropolymer Coatings

Fluoropolymer Coatings

We offer high-performance coating solutions for process vessels, storage tanks, pumps, reactors, columns, centrifuges, dryers, valves and other applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Our high-purity fluoropolymer systems isolate metal components from fluid to remove all traces of metal ions, silicate and particulate contamination. These coatings counteract product buildup and are easier to clean. Should mechanical damage occur, we offer on-site coating weld repair services.

Fluoropolymer Coatings and Linings (2.0 MB)

SermaShield Coatings for Chemical Industry

SermaShield™ Coatings

SermaShield™ PFA-based coatings combine both chemical and mechanical bonding technology to provide superior corrosion protection. With six coating systems to select from, you are sure to find one that will fit your complex component design or vessels.

SermaShieldTM Coatings (1.4 MB)

Products for the chemical & pharmaceutical industry

Coated Vessel


We offer a turnkey vessel package that includes procuring or fabricating vessels that can hold up to even the most aggressive chemistries. A typical vessel ranges in size from 6 to 15 feet in diameter and 10 to 30 feet in length.