Offshore Components

Offshore Components

Made to be at sea

Your offshore components are constantly exposed to hostile operating conditions, including seawater in the splash zone. To combat corrosion and wear, we’ve developed a full line of overlays and coatings designed for the severe environmental conditions found in offshore platform, subsea and shipboard applications.

Blue Armor® and SermaGard® fluoropolymer coatings offer low-friction corrosion protection to such critical components as tension leg platform risers, connectors, and tension joints and rings, as well as nuts, bolts, studs and other fastening hardware.

Our impenetrable cobalt- or nickel-based laser-clad alloys can be applied to your connector pins, gate valves, hydraulic cylinders, riser tensioners, seals and shafts. Laser cladding’s metallurgical bond, consistent chemistry and ductility combat corrosion in areas where thermal spray coatings and chrome plating fall short due to brittleness, permeable morphology and mechanical bond.

To protect your drilling and production risers and subsea piping from the elements, we also offer a complete Thermal Sprayed Aluminum (TSA) Corrosion Protection System. Our coatings are applied with our specialized arc spray process to deliver superior bonding and higher productivity.

No matter the problem, we’ll partner with you to find the right coating to extend the service life of your most critical components.

Blue Armor® Coatings (1.4 MB)

SermaGard® Engineered Protective Coatings (284 KB)

Thermal Sprayed Aluminum Coatings for Oil and Gas (2.2 MB)