Rotors & Downhole Tools

Rotors & Downhole Tools

Keeping your system drilling

We understand how critical wear and corrosion resistance is to the longevity of key drilling components. And while chrome plating has been the coating most commonly used to combat these issues, there’s a better way to meet your high performance requirements.

At Praxair Surface Technologies, we apply carbide coatings to progressive cavity rotors via our high-velocity oxy fuel (HVOF) thermal spray process to ensure longer-life protection and improved performance in the field. These coatings create dense surfaces that are up to 8 times more wear- and corrosion-resistant than chrome plating and can be polished to meet your exact specifications.

Micro-cracks inherent to chrome plating weaken the mechanical properties of the plating, which leads to corrosion and degradation when the base metal is exposed to drilling muds, especially those with high chloride content. Our tungsten carbide coating is free of micro-cracks and provides hard, dense protection to the rotor, allowing for future refurbishment with minimal base metal repair.

When you replace chrome plating with our coatings, you reap benefits under even the most extreme environmental conditions. And when wear eventually does occur, the remaining coating can be removed, a new coating can be applied and finished, and your components can be returned to service for less than the cost of a replacement part. Our CoreGard™ ID coatings keep you operating 6 to 10 times longer than chrome plating. We apply the coating via a specialized and proprietary automated thermal spray process to ensure optimal bond strength, coating structure and integrity.

Our full line of protective coatings is designed specifically for all areas of your oil operation, including bits, completion, and downhole and logging tools, plus jars and stabilizers.

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