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Putting our best solutions on paper

From paper machine rolls to doctor blades on dryer drums to press and anilox rolls, protect your most critical components from abrasive wear and corrosion while improving the quality of each sheet of paper, board, tissue and towel.

Our chromium and tungsten carbide coatings help you retain surface finish, smoothness and gloss while extending roll life of machine calender, soft calender and supercalender rolls. Our ceramic coatings reduce corrosion, wear and static buildup on center press and wire and dryer felt rolls. Whatever the issue, we’ll work directly with you to find the best, most cost-effective solution for your business.

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specialized Solutions for the paper industry

Calender Rolls

Improve the surface quality of your machine calender, soft calender and supercalender rolls with our Super D-Gun™ and high-velocity oxy fuel (HVOF)-applied tungsten carbide and chromium carbide coatings. And extend high paper quality for longer intervals between regrinds.

Coatings for Calendar Rolls

Center Press Rolls

Replace your granite center press rolls with our line of corrosion- and wear-resistant proprietary ceramic coatings and get safer, easier-to-handle rolls that improve release and deliver optimal performance.

Coatings for Center Press Rolls


Enhance doctoring performance with our line of custom coatings designed to improve cleanliness, temperature stability and corrosion resistance.


Additional Applications

Our coatings can be applied to other equipment and components such as anilox, coater, wire and felt, dryer felt and paper converting rolls as well as winder drums to fight life-limiting corrosion, erosion and wear problems. 

Additional Applications for Paper Industry

Coating Services for the paper industry

Tungsten Carbide Coatings for Paper Industry

Tungsten Carbide Coatings

Known for their superior hardness and wear resistance, our tungsten carbide coatings retain surface finish and gloss and extend roll life between grinds.

Keeping your paper line running efficiently and producing high-quality sheet are two of the most critical factors in maintaining your bottom line. Making that happen means servicing your rolls on a regular basis. That’s where we can help. Our line of roll coatings will provide needed protection while improving sheet properties.

Ceramic Coatings for Paper Industry

Ceramic Coatings

We offer ceramic coatings for granite replacement center press rolls, previously coated center press rolls, and wire and dryer felt rolls that address corrosion, wear, release issues and static buildup.

Chromium Carbide Coatings for Paper Industry

Chromium Carbide Coatings

A quality, lower-cost alternative to tungsten carbide coatings, chromium carbide coatings offer good corrosion resistance with lower hardness and wear resistance for less demanding roll applications.

Products for the paper industry

Coating Slurries

Coating Slurries

Where corrosion, oxidation, erosion, UV resistance or release properties are critical issues, our SermeTel™ coating slurries provide protection. We offer approximately 150 active slurry compositions in the form of inorganic primers, sealers, dry film lubricants, cements, resins and other materials.

Paper Doctoring

Roll Armor® Coatings

Available exclusively from our authorized distributor, Precision Roll Grinders, our ceramic and tungsten carbide coating options can be found on the Roll Armor® line of coatings that allow your rolls to maintain profile and surface finish for the longest period possible.

Paper Center Press Roll

StoRok® Ceramic Cover

Our corrosion- and wear-resistant coating is available on the StoRok® ceramic cover—widely recognized as the best performing cover in the center press position. This cover is available exclusively from our authorized distributor, Xerium/Stowe Woodward.

Thermal Spray Equipment

Thermal Spray Coating Equipment

Application by application, we offer the appropriate thermal spray equipment—arc spray, gaseous-fueled high-velocity oxy fuel (HVOF), liquid-fueled high-pressure (HP/HVOF®), plasma spray, powder feeders and integrated/automated system solutions—and the right materials and parts to do the job optimally and cost effectively.

Thermal Spray Powders

Thermal Spray Powders

With our hundreds of standard products and our industry-leading ability to formulate custom compositions, you're sure to get the right solution for your coating needs with our powders. Our lot-to-lot consistency means you’ll have a more dependable spray process, less need for over-testing of coating quality, less waste and reduced costs.

Thermal Spray Wire Spool


We manufacture the highest-quality wires for thermal spray. We offer a wide variety of wire chemistries, ranging from traditional metals and metal alloys to complex cored wire compositions for demanding wear applications.