Calender Rolls

Calender Rolls

Perfecting the finishing touch

Whether you operate a hard nip machine calender, a soft nip calender or a supercalender, our tungsten carbide coatings can provide more consistent paper quality, improved paper finish, less frequent roll changes, lower regrind and changeout costs, and longer overall roll life.

In a calender stack, loss of nip profile and degradation of surface finish can contribute to substandard paper quality and lost productivity. Our tungsten carbide coatings resist both wear and corrosion, generating big savings for papermakers worldwide.

If you improve and maintain critical calender roll surfaces with our coatings, you can make first-quality paper for a longer period of time, at a lower cost. Our coatings resist abrasive wear caused by fibers, fillers, coatings and contaminants in or on the paper. They also provide superior resistance to doctor blade wear and scratching.

From eliminating paper defects to ensuring consistent gloss finishes, our coated rolls are providing benefits to paper mills around the world. So whatever your need, we’ll work directly with you to identify your desired sheet characteristics, analyze your service environment and find the coating that best meets your unique specifications.

For North American paper producers, our carbide and ceramic coatings are available on the Roll Armor® line offered exclusively through our distributor, Precision Roll Grinders.

Better Gloss Retention for Calender Rolls (124 KB)

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