Center Press Rolls

Center Press Rolls

Call in the replacement

We specialize in replacing granite center press rolls with our corrosion- and wear-resistant ceramic coatings. Because of their high hardness and wide pore-size distribution, our coatings offer enhanced release, temperature stability, corrosion resistance and doctorability.

Did you know that your granite center press roll with an existing ceramic coating can be stripped and recoated with our top-of-the-line coating? Our ceramic coating is denser than the competition’s and offers better corrosion protection and higher wear resistance due to increased hardness.

Widely known as the best performer in the center press position, our ceramic coating is available on the StoRok® ceramic cover offered exclusively through our distributor, Xerium/Stowe Woodward.

StoRok is a registered trademark of Xerium/Stowe Woodward.