Plastics Industry Overview

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Inconsistent or substandard product can put plastic, plastic film and sheet manufacturers at a competitive disadvantage. So if product quality, productivity and maintenance costs are a concern in your operation, we can help.

With more than 50 years of wear experience, we’ve developed ceramic, chromium carbide, tungsten carbide and titanium carbide coatings that will help you boost output, improve quality and extend the life of your blades, knives, rolls, screws and dies.

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Coating Services for the plastics industry

Chill Rolls

Utility blades can take a toll on chill rolls. Using these blades to remove plastic film often mars the surface, affecting film quality. You can avoid this problem altogether by having your chill rolls coated with our carbide and ceramic coatings that protect against abrasive and corrosive wear

Carbide Coatings for Plastics Manufacturers (198 KB)

Corona & Flame Treating Rolls

Our ceramic roll covers easily repel minor scratches, dings and dents, making them more durable than covers made of other materials. We’ll help you determine which of our plasma-applied ceramic coatings is right for your application to ensure optimum wear and electrical insulation. If you’re using silicon-, rubber- or epoxy-coated rolls, we can strip them and apply a longer-lasting ceramic coating.

Corona Rolls Engraving Technology (242 KB)

Feed Screws

Protect your injection and extrusion feed screws from abrasive, adhesive, erosive and corrosive wear caused by plastic compounds and their additives with our highly wear-resistant detonation gun (D-Gun) and high-velocity oxy fuel (HVOF) tungsten carbide coatings. The coating can be applied to the entire screw profile or just the tops of the flights. Plus, just 0.08 mm (0.003 inches) of this tungsten carbide coating applied to the outside diameter can consistently outperform chrome-plated, flame-hardened, heat-treated, precipitation-hardened and nitrided screws.

Tungsten Carbide Coatings for Feed Screws (351 KB)

Perforating & Slitting Equipment

Slitter blades continuously trim, shape and cut most plastic film for size conformance, so they can dull quickly, requiring frequent replacement. Using blades that contain Praxair’s titanium carbide coating, you can extend blade life 10 to 30 times over conventional stainless steel blades. Slitter blades with our exclusive coatings have proven equal in performance to solid tungsten carbide blades but at much lower cost. You can purchase slitter blades containing our coating at

Size Reduction Equipment

By applying a Super D-Gun™ tungsten carbide coating to knife materials used in granulators, dicers and pelletizers, we can increase the life of your knives by three to four times that of uncoated knives. And because tungsten carbide-coated knives self-sharpen as the softer base metal wears away and the cutting edge is maintained, you can reduce the number of times knives and blades are handled.

Tungsten Carbide Coatings for Regrind Knives (157 KB)


Film extrusion requires equipment with extreme precision. The T-dies used to extrude plastic must have edges that are precisely machined and durable, but today’s chrome plate, nitride and laser-hardened die lips lack long life. For an extremely sharp edge with long life, we’ll coat your T-dies with our proprietary carbide coatings that protect against abrasive and corrosive wear. T-dies with our coatings are available in all regions of the world except Asia from our exclusive distributor, Nordson Corporation.

Additional Applications

Our coatings can be applied to other equipment and components used in the plastics industry like cast film, calender and orienting rolls, and ultrasonic horns to fight life-limiting wear problems.

In the plastics industry, equipment is constantly subjected to various wear problems. Fillers, reinforcers and colorants cause abrasive wear. Metallic surfaces rubbing against each other cause galling wear. Other problems are often combinations of wear and corrosion. Our coatings can help resolve these problems, reducing downtime and improving product quality.

Our hard, extremely dense, wear-resistant tungsten and chromium carbide coatings offer significantly better performance than hardened or nitride steel and chrome plating. Our coatings also provide superior resistance to scratching, thermal expansion cracking and corrosive attack.

Products for the plastics industry

Rolls & Sleeves

Rolls & Roll Sleeves

Our complete line of rolls and roll sleeves offers extended life and unparalleled durability to help you maximize productivity.

Slitter Blades for Plastics Industry

Slitter Blades

Reduce blade-change downtime with our line of titanium carbide wear-resistant slitter blades that last 10 to 30 times longer than uncoated blades.