Coal-Fired Boilers

specialized solutions for coal-fired boilers

Boiling up your productivity

We know how critical waterwall panels and induced draft axial fans are to the performance of your coal-fired boilers. See how our innovative and proven solutions help these key components last longer and help you outperform the competition.

Boiler Waterwall Panels

Applying a high-quality, minimal weld bead overlap corrosion-resistant laser-weld overlay, also known as laser cladding, to your coal-fired waterwall panels can help you avoid a forced outage. Laser cladding delivers purer chemistry with a thinner, smoother overlay than traditional welding, so you can be confident that you’ll be running maintenance-free for longer. By producing an extremely smooth surface without weld ripples and excessive weld bead overlaps, laser cladding eliminates corrosion-inducing debris pockets, stress risers and circumferential cracking often found with traditional welding. What does that mean for you? Improved heat transfer, increased efficiency and minimal heat-cycling stress.

We can service panels up to 6 feet wide, 41 feet long and 20,000 pounds. Common overlay materials include stainless steels such as 309L SS and nickel-based alloys such as 622.

Laser Services for Boiler Waterwall Panels (805 KB)

Induced Draft Fan Blades

In today’s competitive coal market, your induced draft axial fans come into contact with more ash particles than ever—greatly increasing the chances of erosion and damage to your most critical components. 

Not all fan blades and hubs come with a protective coating, and many that do are not coated well enough to withstand the increasing levels of particulates and expected life targets. So over time, ash and other debris erodes these parts, lowering their efficiency and shortening their service life. 

At Praxair Surface Technologies, we offer multiple coating solutions to help you extend the life of your induced axial fan blades and hubs, reduce costs, increase efficiency and avoid unplanned outages. Each of our coatings is customized to help you meet your operational needs, and when coatings eventually wear, they can be easily stripped and reapplied for less than the cost of a replacement part.

Coating Services for Induced Draft Axial Fan Blades (776 KB)