Industrial Gas Turbines

specialized solutions for Industrial Gas Turbines

Maximizing performance under pressure

The productivity of your business depends on your gas turbine’s ability to perform. Each critical component needs to be able to withstand corrosion, wear and high temperatures, all under varying site operating conditions.

We’ve developed our surface enhancement solutions to help you extend the life of your most critical turbine parts, improve performance, reduce repair and replacement costs, and minimize downtime.

Customized solutions for every part

Whatever the problem, we’ve found a coating solution for it. Below are some common problems that affect industrial gas turbine engine components. At Praxair, each problem is unique, requiring a unique answer. Rather than forcing a standard solution, we’re interested in making more possible. That’s why we’ll work directly with you to understand your unique challenge and find the solution that gets more performance from your parts and equipment.

Combustor Section

Protection Against:

Combustion chamber clamp and liner

Fretting wear and extreme thermal heat exposure

Combustion chamber positioning pins, bushings and bolts

Fretting wear

Fuel swirlers and nozzles

Fretting wear 

Interior surfaces of combustion chamber, assembly, liners and domes

High thermal heat exposure

Compressor Section

Protection Against:

Blades and vanes

Corrosion, fouling and solid particle erosion

Centrifugal compressor

Corrosion and fouling

Compressor cases with stators

Tight tolerances or dimensionally critical surfaces

Compressor rotors

Loss of efficiency

Turbine Section

Protection Against:

Turbine disks

Clearance to address turbine blade and bucket “rock”

Turbine blades and vanes

Cyclical hot corrosion and erosion and exposure to high temperature