Steam Turbines

specialized solutions for Steam Turbines

Full steam ahead

We understand the critical operational issues you face every day. As boiler tubes corrode and erode, small particles of oxide scale are exfoliated and become part of the steam path. When accelerated by the rising steam pressure, these fast-moving particles strike turbine blade/bucket airfoils and erode their surfaces. This loss corresponds to a loss in turbine efficiency. Not only does plant efficiency suffer but ultimately blade/bucket repair or even replacement becomes an expensive necessity.

You can substantially increase times between scheduled outages by reducing wear of turbine parts. That’s why we provide a variety of coatings for airfoil surfaces on rotating blades/buckets and stationary diaphragms/nozzles that offer wear and erosion resistance without altering substrate properties. Applied via our thermal spray processes from detonation gun (D-Gun) and high-velocity oxy fuel (HVOF) to plasma and wire arc spray, the extremely hard and ductile coating offers benefits such as:

  • Less loss of seal clearances for efficiency
  • Smoother blade surface for improved turbine efficiency
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs
  • Retention of blade and nozzle profiles for efficiency

We can help meet your specific steam turbine needs related to buckets and blades, diaphragms and nozzles, valve stems, MSV bypass discs and stems, and rotors.