specialized solutions for Flexography

Results every time the press rolls

At Praxair Surface Technologies, we incorporate our know-how from high-tech industries such as aerospace, energy and oil exploration into the coating and engraving techniques we’ve developed over the years. The result is uncompromised high-precision engravings for superior ink release.

The anilox roll’s unique ink distribution system is what separates flexography from other printing disciplines. That’s why it’s so critical that your anilox roll is manufactured to perform with consistency and reliability. And precise manufacturing of the underlying anilox roll, superior coatings for the hardest of finishes and high-precision engravings for superior ink release are our specialty.

Laser-Engraved Ceramic Anilox Rolls and Sleeves (16.0 KB)

Anilox Roll Selection Guide (12.2 KB)

Market segments and applications we serve include:

  • Applicators (coating, laminating)
  • Carrier bag
  • Corrugated (pre- and post-print)
  • Envelope
  • Flexible packaging
  • Folding carton
  • Liquid carton / aseptic packaging
  • Metal decorating
  • Newspaper
  • Printed electronics
  • Publications
  • Single use (nonwoven, tissues, towels, cups)
  • Tag and label
  • Wall coverings 

Improve print quality, achieve consistent reproduction, reduce maintenance downtime and increase profitability with our portfolio of flexographic solutions. 

Novaline™ Series Roll Engravings

The following high-quality laser engravings are designed to let rolls run cleaner longer. 



Engraving Type

Engraving Characteristics

 Nova ART Gold engraving

Nova™ ART™ Gold

Designed for demanding in-line enhancement, specialty materials and varnish applications

 Nova Gold engraving

Nova™ Gold

Developed for high-density flexo printing, particularly high-definition flexible, paper and corrugated packaging

 Nova Silver engraving

Nova™ Silver

The right choice for solid, process and text high-density printing

 Nova UV Gold engraving

Nova™ UV Gold

Ideal for UV ink application, including aluminum, film and paper packaging

Proline® Series Roll Engravings

Exceptional coverage and coating combined with fast cleanup for better productivity. 


Engraving Type

Engraving Characteristics

 Proline 60 engraving

Proline® 60°


Our most popular pattern suppresses moiré effects and delivers easy ink transfer and uniform cell structure

 Proline ART engraving

Proline® ART™

Anilox Reverse Technology, designed for flexo printing, in-line enhancement, gravure and laminating applications

 Proline HEL engraving

Proline® HEL

Open cell structure offers better ink release for gravure and coater applications; optimizes high-viscosity materials and allows for achievement of high-volume capacity

 Proline ISF engraving

Proline® ISF

Minimizes splash of UV inks