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For more than a quarter-century, press manufacturers, printers and converters around the world have turned to us for anilox rolls that fit their application and offer longer service life, reduced downtime and greater productivity.

At Praxair Surface Technologies, we understand that every time the press runs, your reputation is on the line. And we continue to raise the standards in manufacturing and engraving anilox rolls to help you protect it.

Plus, wherever you are in the world, we’re there to help. Our team of experts, in addition to a robust worldwide agent and distributor network, enables us to deliver quick responses, options and uniform, repeatable results you can rely on. With your reputation on the line, why settle for anything less?

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specialized solutions for the PRINTING & CONVERTING INDUSTRY


Our Novaline™ and Proline® portfolio of high-quality, laser-engraved ceramic anilox roll engravings are designed for flexible package printing, demanding coatings, specialty materials and varnish applications.


coating services for the PRINTING & CONVERTING INDUSTRY 

Additional Applications for Printing Industry

Additional Applications

Our coatings can be applied to other equipment and components used in the printing and converting industry to fight life-limiting wear problems. These include blanket, plate and impression cylinders, dampening and fountain rolls, central drums and ink chambers.

Support when and where you need it. We’re more than an innovative manufacturer of anilox rolls and coatings. Every day, in addition to our robust agent and distributor network, our support team of more than 150 people works for you every day in seven facilities on four continents.

Manufacturing of Anilox Rolls and Sleeves

Anilox Roll Manufacturing

We take great care when we manufacture anilox rolls,  because we know your reputation is on the line every time the press rolls. Our process includes preparation of the base, grit blasting to roughen the roll surface, applying a high-integrity uniform coating to extend roll life, grinding and lapping for a smooth surface, laser engraving for proper cell volume, superfinishing to further smooth the surface, and evaluation and certification of the engraving specifications in our metallurgical laboratory.


Audits & Technical Services

Our field service technicians come to your pressroom to inspect the specifications and condition of your anilox roll inventory. We’ll help you categorize anilox rolls by volume, screen count and pattern to provide a clear picture of roll condition, quality of cell structure, and each roll’s ability to deliver correct print density. Audit findings can help you determine which roll to use for a particular job, thereby reducing downtime, product waste and unnecessary roll changes.

Ceramic Coating for Printing Industry (Anilox Rolls & Sleeves)

Ceramic Coating of Anilox Roll

A laser-engraved ceramic anilox roll’s performance begins with the coating. Utilizing a proprietary thermal spray powder and plasma torch to create a dense, hard, low-porosity chrome-oxide ceramic coating and a proven sealing technology makes our rolls more corrosion resistant than many others on the market today.

Fluoropolymer Coatings

Fluoropolymer Coatings

Our fluoropolymer coatings combat corrosion, offer excellent nonstick properties and are easy to clean, making them ideal coatings for ink tanks, reservoirs, doctor blades and chambers.

Fluoropolymer Coatings and Linings (2.0 MB)

Inspection of Printing Anilox Rolls & Sleeves

Inspection & Base Repair

Upon arrival at one of our Printing Industry Service Centers, your roll is thoroughly inspected for pattern, screen count, volume, cleanliness, damage and other conditions. Our technicians check cell depth and wear and take digital photographs of the roll’s engraved surface using a high-power microscope. Prior to restoring the roll, we repair any damage, such as dents, and turn down the roll diameter to a size slightly under the final size to allow for the thickness of the ceramic coating.

Laser Engraving of Anilox Rolls & Sleeves for Printing Industry

Laser Engraving

Our meticulous standards for cell volume, screen count and cell shape deliver the outstanding ink release that separates our anilox rolls from the competition. Our engravings are designed to address challenges faced in printing today, such as ink spitting, ink transfer and release, high-definition packaging, high densities with minimal dot penalty gain, and smooth solids coverage with improved gloss and less pinholing.

Anilox Roll Marking

Roll Identification System

A customized identification band can be applied to a non-print area of the roll, which allows each roll to be quickly and easily identified by your pressroom staff. You can imprint engraving specifications, press name and number, roll number, or any other information you need so that you don’t have to refer to original paperwork to determine roll characteristics.

Ceramic Anilox Roll Identification System (169 KB)


Anilox Rolls & Sleeves

Anilox Rolls & Sleeves

Achieve consistent, uniform results with our line of laser-engraved ceramic anilox rolls and roll sleeves manufactured to your exact specifications.