Solving Challenges

Solving Challenges

We turn challenges into opportunity

At Praxair Surface Technologies, we understand the critical challenges you face every day. We see every one of them as an opportunity to help you make more possible. That’s why we continue to develop and improve our coatings, processes and technologies so you can be more efficient, more productive and ultimately more profitable. 

We can help you fight abrasion with more than 100 specialized coatings from the tungsten carbide, chromium carbide, ceramic metallic and oxide coating families.

Our replacement coatings help you eliminate the environmental and health risks associated with chrome and cadmium plating while offering superior wear protection and corrosion resistance.

No matter what form your corrosion issues take, we have the coatings and application processes to combat disintegration and material loss on your most critical parts.

We take into consideration the substrate properties and the particle size of the erosion media to identify the right protective coating for your application.

Prevent the accumulation of unwanted buildup on your components with our line of fouling-resistant coatings.

We offer a large portfolio of galling-resistant coatings that can be optimized to your microstructure, phase composition, hardness, and abrasion and sliding wear resistance needs.

We’ve developed more than 30 anti-oxidation coatings. To find the right one, we’ll conduct a series of tests to simulate their effectiveness in your operations.

Eliminate ink, dirt and coating residue buildup on your print rolls with our cleaning tips and systems.

Prevent chipping on the edges and corners of your anilox rolls with our series of protection methods.

Combat product loss and improve the cleanliness of your operating environment with our line of fluoropolymer coatings.

Our line of nearly 100 thermal barrier coatings can protect your components from degradation and provide both high performance and enhanced durability.

Wear resistant coatings solve industries challenges related to abrasion, erosion, galling and fretting. View our common types of wear resistant coatings.