Don't run afoul of compressor efficiency

Any surface roughness of a compressor blade or vane will increase the drag on air flowing across that airfoil. These blade and vane surfaces are manufactured to be smooth, but airborne salts and pollutants cause corrosion. Fine particles and oils in the intake air also tend to stick to these same components, causing corrosion and fouling deposits that build up and roughen gas-path surfaces, which in turn causes airflow resistance through the compressor. Reduced compressor efficiency is the outcome.

Optimize your fouling resistance

We'll work with you to select a coating for your application to reduce corrosion-induced fouling or roughening of compressor airfoils and other parts.



SermaLon™ multilayer coating system

Resistance to aqueous corrosion and fouling in driven gas compressors and industrial gas and steam turbines

SermeTel™ 5380 DP

Aerodynamically smooth and fouling- and corrosion-resistant