Print Roll Life

Print Roll Life

Extend the life of your rolls

Although our ceramic anilox rolls are tougher and less susceptible to damage than conventional chrome-plated rolls, they are still at risk for chipping on corners and edges. We use the following methods to maximize print roll life and protect anilox rolls from chipping.

Roll covers

We offer a series of roll covers that can absorb a significant amount of mechanical shock and keep engravings clean during storage. They are designed to wrap around the roll end faces, and feature Velcro closures and an ID tag window. The interior lining of the roll cover is resistant to solvents and oils. 

Steel or stainless steel shoulders

We can manufacture the anilox roll base with steel or stainless steel shoulders. They absorb mechanical impact and prevent hard, brittle ceramic from chipping. However, the doctor blades can wear steel more quickly than ceramic, causing a need to re-weld the steel edges and reinstall the shoulders. 


If your doctoring system uses a reverse angle blade or a doctor blade chamber, we can eliminate engraving 1/8” or more from the edge of the roll to prevent damage.

Thin corner coatings

Before applying a ceramic coating, we can install a 1/32” radius at the edges of your anilox roll to reduce coating thickness on the edges. The radius will not affect the doctor blades, and the thinner coating minimizes the risk of chipping.