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For more than 50 years, Praxair Surface Technologies has been helping the textile industry solve the dual problems of improved service life for textile machinery components and the need for more precise control of friction on yarn contact surfaces. The abrasive qualities of man-made fibers, particularly nylon, polyester, glass and carbon, and the corrosive characteristics of additives such as fiber lubricants combine to deteriorate yarn contact surfaces. This can lead to costly downtime while machinery parts are replaced, or even worse, degrade yarn quality.

To help fiber producers and processors solve these problems, our ceramic and tungsten carbide coatings are used on various parts in the fiber producing, textile processing and non-woven industries, including on feed rollers, guides, bars, pins, thread wheels, and rotary, storage and friction disks.

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Coatings Services for the textile industry

Additional Applications

Our coatings can be applied to a wide range of other textile equipment and components including bail, separator and winder rolls; sunflower wheels, finish applicators and thread guides; hot pin sleeves, shells and thread wheels; and compression, compaction and disperser rolls, flaps and deflector teeth.

Our superior coatings technology and unparalleled experience in solving wear problems ensure that we have an ideal coating for every application. Our coatings are custom engineered, tough enough to outlast chrome many times over and built to withstand repeated cleanings. At Praxair Surface Technologies, we offer the complete package. We coat, strip, build-up, grind, finish and inspect–whatever it takes to rework new or used parts to fit your requirements.

Ceramic Coatings

Our ceramic coatings are applied with our detonation gun (D-Gun) process to provide a nodular surface finish for optimal friction. These coatings also can be produced with a precise surface finish to eliminate picking and prevent spunbond or melt-blown fibers from following the roll surface, wrapping the roll diameter and causing unscheduled machine downtime.

Crimper Rolls

To maintain a longer period of proper traction, we coat crimper rolls with our high-strength tungsten carbide coating and custom finish the surface for compatibility with the filament. Our coated crimper rolls maintain traction 5 to 10 times longer than hardened steel rolls.

Draw & Godet Rolls

We can provide optimum draw roll surfaces for either spin draw or draw twist processes. For spin drawing, our ceramic coatings are finished to a hard, nodular surface. For draw twisting, our ceramic coatings are given a special mirror finish to provide a high-friction surface. Both coatings feature the excellent yarn release properties necessary to control the draw and twist processes.

Grooved Rolls

Our ceramic coating is applied to the OD surface as well as the grooved areas of these rolls. A tailored, frictional surface applied to the rolls improves wear resistance and achieves smooth yarn travel. Depending on the specific yarn and operating requirements, we can meet your needs by coating these parts with a variety of coating materials including alumina-titania or chromium oxide.

Guide Pins

There are many kinds of pins used throughout the fiber production process. Some are in critical positions. Our ceramic coating with a low-friction surface is ideal for most pins, but others require a well-polished high-friction surface. We can coat your pins or provide them as finished products.

Rotary, Storage & Friction Disks

These parts receive our chromium oxide coating and then are finished to the exact friction requirements.

Tow Cutter Blades

Stainless steel blades in tow cutting operations can lose their sharpness in a short period of time. We apply a very thin diffusion coating of titanium carbide to the already sharpened blades, resulting in life improvement of 4 to 10 times over uncoated blades in cutting polyester tow. We can coat your blades or provide tow cutter blades as finished products.

Tungsten Carbide Coatings

Our tungsten carbide coatings offer better chip resistance than chrome plating or ceramic coatings, minimizing chipping caused by the string-up gun hitting the roll surface.

products for the textile industry

Fiber Pins


We manufacture ceramic and tungsten-carbide coated aluminum and steel guide pins in a wide variety of sizes for your filament-spinning machine.

Rolls & Sleeves

Rolls & Roll Sleeves

We offer a full line of rolls optimized with our ceramic coatings for superior friction properties and wear resistance.

Tow Cutter Blades

Tow Cutter Blades

Our titanium carbide tow cutter blades last 4 to 10 times longer than uncoated blades in cutting polyester tow.