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Solutions Across Industries and Applications

Linde AMT coatings are trusted across industries to help vital components run better and last longer. Our coating materials and processes protect parts that keep planes flying, factories producing and power plants generating. With an array of solutions and technologies, we can meet virtually any market coating application need — or design a new solution that will. Our proprietary materials are engineered to endure harsh conditions and meet uncompromising quality standards. Our diverse portfolio of coating material options includes:

  • Carbide/Cermet: Wear and corrosion resistance options
  • Ceramic: Economical choice for wear, thermal and corrosion protection
  • Ceramic-Metallic (Cermet): Coatings with superior resistance to aqueous corrosion
  • Cermet/Diffusion: Oxidation resistance coatings
  • Fluoropolymer: Versatile coatings with release characteristics ideal for the food industry
  • Metal/Alloy: Bond coat barriers for resistance to oxidation, corrosion and high temperatures
  • Metal/MCrAlY: Ductile bond coatings primarily for turbines
  • Polymer: Corrosion, fouling and friction solutions

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