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The cold spray coating process uses supersonic jets of highly compressed gas to accelerate room-temperature powder particles onto a component’s substrate at ultra-high velocities. Our proprietary LOXPlate™ cold spray process produces high-density low-oxygen coatings at high deposition rates and is ideally suited for restoring your worn components as well as providing corrosion protection. The cold spray coating process is typically used in the automotive and electronics industries.

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What is thermal spray coating?

Thermal spray coating is a category of the coating services in which a material is melted down and then applied to a substrate as a spray of molten or semi-molten droplets which form the protective coating, in order to improve functional performance. Thermal spray coatings are commonly used in manufacturing, specifically in the manufacture of gas turbines, diesel engines, bearings, processing equipment and coating medical implants. 

Benefits of Thermal Spray Coating

  • Almost any material can be used for thermal spray coating as long as it melts or becomes plastic during the spray coating process. Materials such as metals, alloys, ceramics, carbides, polymers and plastic are all ideal for thermal spray coating.
  • Thermal spray coatings can be applied manually or by machine and have a high deposition rate.
  • Thermal spray coating allows for the spraying of coating material with a higher melting point than the substrate. 
  • When coupled with premium spray material, the thermal coating process can extend the lifetime performance of new components
  • Thermal spray coating allows parts to be rebuilt quickly and at low cost