Linde Advanced Material Technologies Inc. and NASA Announce Licensing Agreement

Linde Advanced Material Technologies Inc. and NASA Announce Licensing Agreement for Revolutionary Alloy Metal Powder


Indianapolis, April 10, 2024 – Linde Advanced Material Technologies Inc. (Linde AMT), a pioneer in advanced material solutions, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announce the licensing agreement for the GRX-810 Alloy Metal Powder (the “GRX-810 alloy”). This licensing agreement showcases the potential of public-private partnerships in fostering technological innovation and commercialization. Linde AMT and NASA are committed to advancing the frontiers of additive manufacturing, enabling industries to leverage unparalleled material properties for cutting-edge applications.

Under this agreement, Linde AMT is granted rights to market and sell the GRX-810 alloy. “As a leading supplier of metal powders in the additive manufacturing industry, we look forward to enabling our aerospace customers to unlock more exciting opportunities for the market,” said Sam Assaf, Global Product Manager for Linde AMT’s Atomization group.

NASA’s recent unveiling of the GRX-810 alloy has captivated the aerospace sector with its exceptional characteristics. The GRX-810 alloy, first produced by Linde AMT and tested by NASA, is observed to be twice as strong as conventional additive manufacturing alloys, exhibiting over 1,000 times more durability and offering double the resistance to oxidation at elevated temperatures. These groundbreaking properties make the GRX-810 alloy an ideal candidate for high-temperature applications within the aerospace domain.

Linde AMT will now expand its offerings to the Additive Manufacturing market. Linde AMT has already atomized the GRX-810 alloy due to its longstanding collaboration with NASA, which it can now offer to the additive manufacturing market. “This licensing agreement is a great example of collaboration for next generation materials for new additive manufacturing,” said Andy Shives, Global Director of Sales. "We are excited to have partnered with NASA and are confident that our combined expertise and efforts will allow us to enable our customer’s innovation in the Additive market.”


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