Connector Pins / Male Subs

Connector Pins / Male Subs

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Connector pins, also called male subs, connect pipe segments of hydraulic, choke and kill, and drilling mud lines. They are conventionally manufactured from super-duplex stainless or low-alloy carbon steels. The seal area is commonly coated with nickel alloys of the Colmonoy® family via spray-and-fuse. The spray-and-fuse process requires high temperatures that alter the properties of the base material, requiring a post-heat treatment to re-establish the desired base material properties.

Laser cladding replaces the Colmonoy® materials with Stellite® 6, which provides higher hardness and improved wear resistance of the overlay. The requirement for post-overlay heat treatment is eliminated due to the low heat input of the laser process, saving customers significant cost. The dilution in laser-applied overlays is very low, and chemistry and hardness are consistent throughout. Connector pins manufactured with laser cladding are refurbishable by simply removing and replacing the overlay.

Praxair’s Laser Services business has a successful history of turnkey manufacturing of various components for the oil and gas and steel industries. A local network of qualified machine shops allows us to take on technically challenging projects.

Currently, manufacturing of connector pins / male subs is available through our laser plant in New Castle, Pennsylvania.

Colmonoy is a registered trademark of Wall Colmonoy Corporation. Stellite is a registered trademark of Deloro Stellite.