Pot Roll Sleeves

Pot Roll Sleeves

Wear protection on your sleeves

We manufacture a line of laser-clad pot roll sleeves designed for your galvannealing or galvanizing hot-dip coating line to run against bushing products such as those from McDanel Advanced Ceramic Technologies.

Shrunk-fit or welded to the pot roll journal, our laser weld overlay pot roll sleeves reduce wear and save cost by extending pot roll campaigns. Each sleeve is made from 316L stainless steel with a patented corrosion- and wear-resistant overlay containing tungsten carbide particles. After laser cladding, the sleeve is ground and machined to meet your final print dimensions.

So whether you’re making exposed, unexposed, appliance or construction-grade steels, our pot roll sleeves help you maintain a functional bearing system for consistent production.

Currently, our pot roll sleeves are available from our facility in New Castle, Pennsylvania, and shipped to your location globally.