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Schluchtern, germany

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Quality Accreditation


The sustainable corporate policy and the reliability of our employees have positioned COATEC as an important partner to industry. Our profile is part of our thinking and acting.
The success of COATEC products and services are the result of a balanced and long-term corporate policy. The commitment of all employees is the prerequisite for excellent customer solutions. Satisfied customers and motivated employees are the top priority of COATEC.

Our principles of action result from this goal: 

  1. We make our business processes safe and environmentally friendly

  2. We comply with laws and regulations

  3. We convince our customers with first-class product quality, short development times, adherence to delivery dates, flexibility and competent advice

  4. We develop and deliver layers that extend product life and improve process flows when used. In this way, we help conserve resources

  5. We regularly analyze the options for reducing waste generation, emissions and the specific use of the raw materials used

  6. We minimize rework and waste 

  7. Risks for people and the environment in our work environment are analyzed and reduced through preventive measures

  8. For every employee, this means the objective of completing the tasks entrusted to them on time and without errors, complying with the requirements for occupational safety and environmental protection, and always critically and committed to examining their work environment with regard to weak points and opportunities for improvement.

  9. The necessary competence of the employees is ensured by appropriate training measures

Quality Assurance

Quality that lasts: the COATEC promise.

By using the latest technology in our quality assurance departments, all relevant layer properties are documented and ensured.
On request, we can create a test report that contains all the quality-relevant information about the shift system that you or your customer need.

Our Quality Assurance:

  • Metallography
  • Measuring Room


COATEC GmbH was founded in September 1989 by a team of specialists in plasma surface technology and for the construction of the required plasma spraying systems. Up until that point, this group of people had been busy building such systems at Leybold AG in Hanau.

Before working at Leybold AG, some members of the team had extensive experience with the use of this surface technology in aircraft gas turbine construction at MTU in Munich and Chromalloy / USA. 

COATEC is an expansive high-tech company with an international focus in the field of surface finishing and has been part of Praxair Surface Technologies (PST) since the beginning of 1997 . 

schluchtern, germany

Markets Served

COATEC is a system supplier in many key industrial markets. The areas are particularly noteworthy:

General Mechanical and Plant Engineering
Power Generation
Print & Packaging

Our customers come from a wide variety of industries. But they have one thing in common: 

If you are looking for tailor-made coating solutions, COATEC is the first choice for you. We offer our customers innovative solutions in the field of thermally sprayed surface coatings. COATEC offers a wide range of coating services in the form of contract coating. 

In addition to providing the pure coating service, we are at your disposal in all matters - from the initial consultation to the finished (series) product. COATEC produces bespoke coating systems for a variety of different applications. Our special service is our permanent commitment to the innovative further development of our coating processes. In addition to individual production, series and large series production are also possible at COATEC.

With our own plant construction, the coating plants for your components can be adapted or designed so that an efficient series production of your product is possible.

Areas of Application 

General Mechanical & Plant Engineering

At COATEC, the product area " General mechanical and plant engineering " includes all products and layer systems that affect a large number of industries. Typical components that today have a wide variety of functional layers:    

Piston rods of hydraulic cylinders, Slide rings, Sealing rings, Shaft protection sleeves / shaft protection sleeves, Sealing surfaces in the area of the seals, Godets, Waves, Tube, Insulating washers, Rollers, Ball-bearing, Pump parts, Slider, etc.

Power Generation

Combustion baskets, compressor blades, compressor wheels, diaphragms, fuel nozzles, impellers, nozzle guide vanes, segments, shroud tiles, transition pieces, turbine buckets, nozzles, and rotors.

Printing & Packaging

The special coating systems Hydrocer ™ and Tribocer ™ from COATEC, developed especially for the packaging and printing machine industry, set standards in durability and quality.

Typical components: Corona Rollers, Guide Rollers, Spindles, Feed Rollers with or without Spiral Groove, Doctor Rollers, Rider Rollers, Trap Rollers, Drive Rollers, Pull Rollers, Register Rollers, Pull Rings, Folding Jaws, Folding Rollers, Metering Rollers/Dampers/Dampening Ducts

Color ductors
Rubber cylinders (only for OEMs)
plate cylinders (only for OEMs)
sheet guide plates (only for OEMs)
counter pressure plates (only for OEMs)

Detailed information on the coating systems specially developed by Coatec for certain machine components can be found in the further sections Hydrocer ™ and Tribocer ™   



COATEC - What sets us apart: Your advantages of working together.

If you are looking for tailor-made coating solutions for your component, COATEC is the first choice for you. We develop innovative, tailor-made coating systems in the area of thermally sprayed surface coatings for and with our customers. Below you will find a short list of what distinguishes us from our competitors:

  • At COATEC you can draw on the experience and know-how of one of the largest contract coaters in Europe with its own plant construction. We are specialists in the field of thermal spraying with the main focus on the following variants: APS, LPPS, HVOF
  • COATEC provides the market with optimal, industrially designed coating capacities (contract coating). 
  • Consulting and engineering in the field of surface technology
  • Development of customized layers and layer systems
  • Automated series production
  • Adaptation or construction of coating systems for an efficient coating of (large) series parts by our own plant construction
  • Conception and production of cover and recording technology
  • Coating-compatible design of components in the design phase
  • Ensuring the high coating quality and dimensional accuracy through our own metallography and quality assurance
  • Central location with good transport links
  • On-site advice
  • High flexibility
  • Short throughput times
  • Multiple certifications (through DQS and customer audits) à Supplier Award (s)

Through the refinement process carried out at COATEC using the methods presented, we contribute to:
To produce more environmentally friendly
To conserve resources
Reduce energy consumption
Extend product life
Improve productivity
Reduce downtimes
Reduce operating costs

Base Materials

Carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) and glass fiber reinforced plastics (GRP) are an interesting alternative to common base materials such as steel and aluminum. These very stiff and strong materials are characterized by a particularly low weight. However, since the surface is not particularly wear-resistant, it often has to be provided with a functional layer that, among other things, fulfills these properties.

COATEC is one of the leading providers in Europe in the production of thermal spray coatings in general and on fiber-reinforced plastics. Thermally sprayed metal and ceramic layers on CFRP components enable new dimensions of composite construction. The individual advantages of the materials are optimally used for sophisticated lightweight constructions and can be adapted to the corresponding task. The combination of a light and stiff CFRP base with a highly wear-resistant ceramic or hard metal layer opens up a promising new application for lightweight rollers. With the same abrasion properties and dimensions, the dead weight is significantly reduced compared to classic steel rollers.Other advantages that result from the reduced weight can be:

Reduced bearing load
Reduction of drive power
Very high printing speeds
Low vibration, vibration damping
Low deflection with large formats 

Coating Materials

Almost any material can be applied today by thermal spraying. The variety is so great that functional surface properties can be designed as desired.
Thermal spraying allows components to be provided with hard material layers in a cost-effective and time-saving manner, for example with a wear-resistant oxide ceramic or hard metal layer. The variety of materials that can be processed can hardly be overlooked. It enables functional surface properties to be tailored. In principle, any material that has a defined melting point and does not decompose under spray conditions can be thermally sprayed.

Typical coating materials are:
Pure metals such as aluminum (Al), copper (Cu), molybdenum (Mo), etc.
Alloys such as nickel-chromium (NiCr), nickel-aluminum (NiAl), aluminum bronze (CuAl), etc.
Ceramics (oxides) , such as aluminum oxide (Al2O3), chromium oxide (Cr2O3), zirconium oxide (ZrO2), titanium oxide (TiO2), etc.
Cermet , such as tungsten carbide cobalt (WCCo), chrome carbide nickel chrome (Cr3C2 / NiCr), various metal-ceramic composites
Pseudo-alloys such as nickel graphite

schluchtern, germany

Surface Technologies

Diffusion Coatings (Diffused Slurry (SermaLoy™, SermAlcote™), Pack Diffusion, Platinum Aluminide, Vapor Diffusion)
Dry / Solid Film Lubricants
Slurry Coatings (SermaLoy™)
Thermal Spray (Combustion Flame Spray, HVOF, Low Pressure Plasma Spray (LPPS), Plasma Spray, Shrouded Plasma Spray)
Vapor Deposition (CVD)

Other Services

Finishing & machining
Inspecting & testing
Mechanical testing
Microstructure characterization
Physical & chemical properties
Thermal testing

Process Capabilities

The process capabilities from COATEC combine innovative coating processes with individual system solutions for the highest demands. Thanks to the processes available at COATEC, a wide variety of coatings can be produced in the highest quality and taking into account customer needs and economy. The main procedures include:

Thermal Spray

According to DIN EN 657, the thermal spraying process includes processes in which spray additives are sprayed on, melted on or melted off on prepared surfaces inside or outside of spraying devices. The surfaces to be coated are not melted.
The layer is finally built up by superimposing the particles. COATEC provides the market with optimal, industrially designed coating capacities (contract coating). Here, special attention is paid to thermal spraying  in the following variants: APS - Atmospheric plasma spraying, LPPS - low pressure or vacuum plasma spraying, HVOF - high speed flame spraying.

Diffusion Coatings

Coatec mainly uses aluminum diffusion layers to protect customer components that are exposed to high operating temperatures from hot gas corrosion and high temperature oxidation. Coatec has the following coating capacities for applying diffusion coatings: CVD process - chemical deposition and diffusion from the vapor phase, Powder pack coating process, and Slurry coating process.

Vacuum Annealing

Many materials have to undergo heat treatments (annealing) in order to adjust the technological properties. Annealing in air can damage materials through reactions with gases from the atmosphere or the appearance is impaired - expensive post-treatments are necessary. These reactions are restricted or prevented by annealing in a protective gas atmosphere or in a technical vacuum (negative pressure).

Noble gases of high purity as protective gas still contain impurities from other reactive gases. A high vacuum of 10 -3 mbar is already 10x cleaner than a technical gas of purity class 5.0. This means that annealing in a vacuum is the cleanest alternative to avoid surface reactions. A gas only has to be used for a short time to accelerate cooling - reactions of the annealed batches treated in this way are reduced to a minimum.

Modern high-temperature materials require heat treatment after the primary shaping and during the subsequent processing in order to set the optimal high-temperature strength. Thermally sprayed corrosion protection layers can contain high residual stresses after spraying. These internal stresses are reduced during the annealing at a sufficiently high temperature by diffusion processes. There are also diffusion processes between the component and the layer material, which firmly bond the two together.

Heat treatment can be used to adjust the properties of the materials and optimize layer adhesion. During heat treatments in high vacuum, the components have practically no tarnished or scaled surfaces and move on to the next process step in a clean state.

Other Procedures

External cylindrical grinding
FPI crack test stand
Surface finishing machine
TIG welding
Airflow test stand