Powder Feeders

Powder Feeders

Proven precision and accuracy

We offer a line of reliable TAFA® pressurized volumetric powder feeders that deliver highly controlled results. So whether your operations need a simple open-loop RPM-controlled unit or a more sophisticated closed-loop weight-loss controlled powder feeder, we have what you’re looking for. See our powder feeder models below.

TAFA Model 1264 -

Model 1264 Powder FeederOur open-loop pressurized TAFA Model 1264 powder feeder sets the industry standard for performance and versatility. The unit features a large digital display on the control panel that indicates powder wheel speed, maintenance and total run time. A set-temperature heater blanket keeps the powder warm to prevent absorption of moisture, and the canister delivers a pressure rating of up to 90 psi / 621 kPa.

Whether you’re using the Model 1264 to feed fine oxides or coarse dense alloys, you’ll get unparalleled precision and repeatability, time and time again.

Model 1264 features:

  • 205 cubic inch / 3,060 cubic centimeter capacity powder hopper

  • Digital display

  • Heater blanket with on/off control

  • Meets stringent CE requirements

  • Plasma/HVOF operation selector

  • Powder canister pressure gauge and relief valve

  • Pressure rated up to 90 psi / 621 kPa

  • Toggle switch controls

  • Variable powder wheel speed

Optional enhancements:

  • High-volume powder wheel conversion package

  • Internal pinch valve retrofit kit

  • Mixer assembly kit

  • Powder gas control that provides carrier gas control and remote operation

  • Powder wheels for special applications

  • Stacking canister kit

TAFA Model 1264i  -

TAFA Model 1264WL  -

TAFA Model 1288  -