bakeware industry Overview

The upper crust of performance

When it comes to bakeware, you can’t afford corrosion, abrasion and sticking. That’s why we’ve spent more than 50 years working directly with bakers and confectioners to create custom coatings that help cut bakery costs.

From moulds to pans and trays to skillets, our coatings resist repeated wash cycles and last longer than other bakeware coatings or glazes. Plus, they eliminate the need for pan oil to prevent sticking, allowing you to deliver the highest-quality baked goods, including biscuits, breads, buns, cakes, croissants and pastry products, with the least amount of waste.

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Coating Services for the bakeware industry

Bakeware Release Coatings

Inspection & Restoration of Used Bakeware

Have your baked goods been sticking lately? It may be time to have your moulds, pans or trays restored. After thorough inspection, we restore used bakeware by making appropriate mechanical adjustments, such as reshaping, reblocking or repair. Then, we remove the existing coating to apply a new, nonstick coating. If mechanical restoration isn’t possible, we can provide you with new coated pans as well.  

Bakeware Custom Release Coatings

Custom Coatings

We can help you select the coating system that’s right for your bakery based on the type of dough you use and your production process. We look at everything from the types of pans and materials you use to your handling and conveyer equipment to how you stack and clean your parts. This approach ensures that your coated bakeware will remain durable, with the appropriate level of temperature resistance and product release based on what and how you bake. 

Bakeware Food-Contact Approved Coatings

Food-Contact Approved Coatings

Known for their release properties, our SBS™ fluoropolymer coatings comply with international food contact regulations, making them ideal for baking moulds, pans and trays. Plus, the advanced properties of SBS coatings strike an optimal balance between release efficiency and baking cycles—outperforming glazes, elastomers and standard fluoropolymer coatings.  

Products for the bakeware industry

Coated Baking Moulds

Bakeware Moulds

We manufacture a wide variety of SBSTM-coated bakeware moulds—designed for loaves, buns and baguettes—and can work directly with you to create the best mould for your unique application.