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At Praxair Surface Technologies, we understand that the quality of your product depends not only on the quality of your ingredients but also on the quality of your equipment. That’s why we’ve spent more than 50 years partnering with food and beverage producers to develop custom coatings that help you deliver the best possible product. Our fluoropolymer coatings meet the requirements of 21 C.F.R. § 177.1550 for food contact use, consistent with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) regulations. 

Check out our full line of fluoropolymer coatings for optimal anti-stick properties and corrosion and abrasion resistance for your food processing equipment such as augers, plungers, seals, feeders, hoppers and much more.

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coating Services for the food & beverage industry

Approved Food-Contact Coatings

Known for their corrosion- and abrasion-resistance properties, our tungsten carbide and chromium oxide ceramic coatings are approved by FDA, USDA and EU regulations for contact with meat or poultry food product prepared under federal inspection. We can apply protective coatings to product line components such as plungers and seals to extend the life of your product line.

Our other food-contact coatings include nonstick SBS™ fluoropolymer coatings for bakeware and machinery used in the food industry along with SermaShield™ fluoropolymer-based coatings for food processing equipment.

Bakery Cost Reduction

From moulds to pans and trays to skillets, our SBS fluoropolymer bakeware coatings offer good resistance to repeated wash cycles and last longer than other bakeware coatings or glazes. Plus, they eliminate the need for pan oil to prevent sticking, allowing you to deliver the highest-quality baked goods, including biscuits, breads, buns, cakes, croissants and pastry products, with the least amount of waste. These same nonstick coatings are easy to clean and can be applied to machinery used in the processing of candy, cheese and dough.

Extended Seal Life

Seals used in the food processing industry need to be able to withstand wetness and corrosion caused by food acid and aggressive cleaning, all while remaining sterilized to prevent bacteria from entering pump chambers. By applying a carbide or ceramic coating, you can extend the life of seals to protect against corrosive attacks.

Grip- & Wear-Resistance for Seaming Chucks

Brewers and soft drink producers fill and close beverage cans at high speeds (up to 2,000 cans per minute). This repetitive, fast-moving action can cause stainless steel or tool steel seaming chucks used to close beverage cans to incur sliding wear. A tungsten coating applied to the tooling can increase tool grip on the top and impart wear resistance to increase the life of the seaming chuck. That means your beverage can line can run faster, longer.

Wear Resistance for Low-Friction Food Processing

SermaShield™ Magna coatings are especially suited to the unique needs of the food processing industry. The proprietary coating system delivers unmatched wear resistance in processing equipment that requires nonstick protection and superior abrasion resistance, even in extreme conditions. SermaShield Magna coatings are FDA and USDA compliant and well-suited for the nonstick needs of augers, blenders, chutes, conveyors, feeders, hoppers, mixers, rollers and tanks.

SermaShieldTM Magna Coatings (962 KB)

Products for the food & beverage industry

Coated Baking Moulds

Bakeware Moulds

We manufacture a wide variety of SBS™ coated bakeware moulds—designed for loaves, buns and baguettes—and work directly with you to create the best coated mould for your unique application.