glass Industry Overview

Quality you can clearly see

We offer a variety of unique coatings to help you meet the critical demands in the float glass industry. By adding a ceramic coating to your lift-out and lehr rollers, you can extend roller life and improve glass quality. Plus, you’ll attain higher yields of ultra-thin LCE glass and thin automotive glass.

No matter your challenge, our experts will work directly with you to find a unique plasma or proprietary Super D-Gun™ coating to help you deliver quality you can see.

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Coating Services for the glass industry 

Improve Wear Resistance

You can produce higher-quality glass with fewer defects when you apply a ceramic coating to your lift-out or lehr rollers. That’s because ceramic coatings are hard and wear-resistant enough to limit roughness loss, circumferential wear scars and loss of roll profile, all of which can lead to glass surface markings.

Alleviate Deposit Buildup

Applying a ceramic coating to stainless steel lift-out and lehr rollers helps limit sodium sulfate and tin oxide buildup, keeping your lines running longer and extending roller life.

Durability & Thermal Stability

Our ceramic coatings for rollers feature thermal barrier characteristics that can help improve glass contact conditions in the hottest part of the lehr—reducing heat transfer between the glass and lehr roller to alleviate distortion and heat checking. And, because a high-temperature ceramic coating won’t crack or spall as easily as solid ceramics, our ceramic coatings can extend the life of your more economical stainless steel roller.

Products for the glass industry

Thermal Spray Equipment

Thermal Spray Coating Equipment

Application by application, we offer the appropriate thermal spray equipment—arc spray, gaseous-fueled high-velocity oxy fuel (HVOF) and liquid-fueled high-pressure HVOF (HP/HVOF®), plasma spray, powder feeders and integrated/automated system solutions—and the right materials and parts to do the job optimally and cost effectively.

Thermal Spray Powders

Thermal Spray Powders

With our hundreds of standard products and our industry-leading ability to formulate custom compositions, you’re sure to get the right solution for your coating needs with our thermal spray powders. Our lot-to-lot consistency means you’ll have a dependable spray process, less need for over-testing of coating quality, less waste and reduced costs.

Thermal Spray Wire Spool


We manufacture the highest-quality wires for thermal spray. We offer a wide variety of wire chemistries, ranging from traditional metals and metal alloys to complex cored wire compositions for demanding wear applications.