Steel Production

Steel Production

Testing your mettle

We know that as a steel manufacturer, you strive to produce flawless steel for high-performance applications. We also understand that roll surface issues can be a major obstacle to achieving this goal. However, our advanced thermal spray coatings and laser weld overlays are designed to tackle these challenges head-on. Our coatings are proven to reduce daily wear and tear, ensuring that your rolls operate at their full potential. With our technology, you can be confident in the quality and consistency of your steel production.

Furnace Rolls

Are you experiencing oxide pickup, wear from abrasion, slippage or speed mismatch, or excessive dross buildup on your roll surface that impacts strip quality? Our ceramic-metallic thermal spray coatings can help. These coatings protect against abrasive wear, pickup, loss of surface roughness and profile. And we offer a turnkey service if your furnace rolls need repair or replacement restoration.

Pot Rolls with a Chrome-Free Sealer

Our next-generation chrome-free pot roll coating sealant lessens dross adhesion for hot-dip coating lines that produce galvanized and galvannealed-coated steels. This sealant penetrates the coating surface, creating a chemical bond to the underlying carbide coating for superior adhesion and preventing dross particle buildup in molten baths. By limiting dross adhesion on pot rolls, steel mills can boost productivity by making higher-quality steel with less waste. Our coating and sealant system is kind to the environment but tough on dross adhesion.

Pot Roll Coating and Chrome-Free Sealer Systems (132 KB)

Steel Production Component Problems & Solutions

Below are some common solutions for steel production issues. But at Praxair Surface Technologies, we don’t force standard solutions. We’ll work directly with you to understand your unique challenge and find the solution that makes more possible.

Steel Production Component

Key Problem

Our Solution

Blast Furnace Tuyeres

Burn-through, resulting in water leaks

Ceramic thermal barrier coatings applied by detonation gun

Brindle and Deflector Rolls (for CALs, CGLs and cold rolling mills)

Abrasive wear, pickup and loss of surface roughness

Tungsten carbide coatings applied by detonation gun or high-velocity oxy fuel (HVOF)

Conductor Rolls (for ETLs and EGLs)

Corrosion, arc-induced pitting and abrasive wear

Tungsten carbide coatings applied by detonation gun or HVOF and proprietary coatings applied by laser cladding

Furnace Rolls (for CALs and CGLs)

Abrasive wear, pickup, loss of surface roughness and profile

Ceramic-metallic coatings applied by detonation gun

Pot Rolls (for hot-dip CGLs)

Zinc and dross pickup, abrasive wear and corrosion

Tungsten carbide coatings applied by detonation gun and proprietary sealant